General Engineering Product Specification - Fixed-Height Steel 2-3 Ton Round-Tube Tripod Crane

This general engineering product specification is for the Wallace Adjustable-Height Steel 2-8 Ton Round-Tube Tripod Crane.

General Engineering Product Specification

Tripod shall be of steel round tube construction manufactured to Wallace Cranes standards including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Tripod shall have Adjustable height.
  • A casting used to serve as a foot shall be provided for the bottom of each leg.
  • Tripod shall include an Almag 35 head casting for attachment of tripod legs. Head casting shall include a free-swivel eye-bolt which shall hang plumb.
  • A cable assembly with two wire rope clips shall be provided to prevent overspreading of the legs.
  • The tripod legs shall be dip-painted with red gloss industrial quality paint for protection of both inner and outer tubing.
  • Tripod pins shall be plated to prevent corrosion.

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Last Rev. 1/2016