These specifications were developed by Wallace Cranes to guide and ensure the consistent, high-quality manufacture of our tripod cranes. While much of this information is general in nature, it might help you when it comes to narrowing down to or making your final purchase selection.

All cranes are manufactured in accordance with our interpretation of ANSI and U.S. OSHA regulations at the time of manufacture.

Click on any one of the underlined links below to view the general engineering product specification for the make and models you’re interested in. The term “round” refers to the shape of the metal tubing used in the frame of the tripod crane.

You can view all the tripod makes and models we have for sale on our tripod cranes product page.

Tripod Crane

Fixed Height Models
Steel 2 & 3 ton round
Aluminum ½ & 1 ½ ton round
Adjustable Height Models
Steel 2 – 8 ton round
Aluminum 1 – 5 ton round

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