Adjustable Height Aluminum Tripod Cranes

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Adjustable Height Aluminum Tripod Cranes

Wallace Cranes offers portable aluminum adjustable tripods in 1-5 ton capacities. These lightweight models are easily transportable and can be assembled/disassembled quickly making them an ideal choice for repair and maintenance jobs located off-site. In addition, our tripods are recommended to help set-up our larger cranes when a forklift or overhead lifting equipment is not available. All units include a standard base with lashing cable to prevent overspreading of legs. Rubber Base Pad Kits, Mud Base Plate Kits, and Spike Base Kits are optional accessories available for every model.

Product Features

Adjustable Height Aluminum Tripod Crane

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  • Aluminum Construction
    • Sturdy lightweight construction for quick set-up and take-down
    • Easily transportable
  • Available in 1 to 5 Ton Capacities
  • Adjustable heights available from 5’6″ – 19’0″
  • Machined alloy heads holds free swiveling eye-bolt which always hangs plumb
  • Spring loaded bolt (adjustable models only) locks in “out” position
  • Legs rest securely on standard base – optional base accessories available for different surfaces
  • Lashing kit provides an extra precaution against slipping and can be used with all base accessories




Important: Tripods are not intended for lifting humans.

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Heights under eyebolt are figured for optimum strength, (C) not exceeding 75% of adjusted (B).

Adjustable Height Aluminum Tripod Crane Sizes and Model Numbers

Click on model numbers to view detailed parts lists / part location drawings and lashing kit instructions.

Rated CapacityModel NumberHeight – Eye Bolt to FloorOverall LengthDistance Between LegsNet Wt.Spike Base Model Number
1 TonR3-28210’10”7’1″ 12’9″8’9″111″63″79676
2 TonH3-412216’4″11’0″18’9″12’9″165″93″1741514
3 TonR3-6425’6″3’8″6’9″4’9″57″33″57676
4 TonH3-810212″11″8’5″15’9″10’9″138″78″1561514
5 TonH3-10627’6″4’11”9’9″6’9″84″48″1111514


Note: Rated capacity is in thousands of pounds. Capacities derated at no additional charge. Simply change number in red to required capacity when ordering.

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