Wall Mounted Jib Cranes

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Wall-Mounted Jib Cranes

Wall Bracket Jib Crane | Wallace Cranes

Wallace offers wall-mounted tie rod jib cranes designed for use in bays, along walls, in work cells and as supplements to gantry cranes and overhead crane systems.  The tie rod style is similar to the wall-bracket jib crane cantilever style (discussed further down the page), but more economical if headroom is not an issue. Units have 180 degree rotation as standard and are available in a variety of capacities and spans as shown in the chart below.

FITTINGS – Heavy duty with effortless rotation, cast iron fittings with roller bearings and zerk fittings for easy field lubrication.

If you’re trying to decide between a wall-mounted tie rod jib crane and a wall-bracket jib crane cantilever style, this crane (the wall-mounted tie rod jib crane):

  • is the most economical solution;
  • has less beam deflection;
  • has a smaller beam size;
  • is easier to rotate in larger applications;
  • the hook travels closer to mounting column; and
  • it is easier to adjust the tip of the boom.

Dimensional Sketch – Click to enlarge

Wall Mounted Jib Crane Sizes and Model Numbers

CapacitySpanModel NumberSupport Bracket CenterBoom DepthSupport to Pivot PointNet Wt.
1/2 Ton8′HSR0-J1-082’9″6″3″210
1 Ton8′HSR1-J1-082’9″6″3″210
2 Ton8′HSR2-J2-082’9″8″4″378
3 Ton8′HSR3-J3-082’9″12″4.5″700

Note: Wide flange beams are normally used on Jib Cranes however, American Standard beams may be substituted due to current steel price volatility and availability.  These beams may also require special trolleys (consult factory if necessary).  Spans up to 20’ available.

Fitting kits are also available for “Do-It-Yourself” crane fabrication.

Contact us if you need assistance or would like to request a quote. We have experts on hand to answer all your questions.