Jib Crane Fitting Kits

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Jib Crane Fitting Kits

Fitting kits are available for “Do-It-Yourself” crane fabrication.


Click the PDF above to print or download a dimensional chart.

Full Cantilever Jib Crane Fitting Kits
Fitting TypeWeightModel #
 J2 110 WFCJ2
 J3 205 WFCJ3
Tie Rod Jib Crane Fitting Kits
Fitting TypeWeightModel #


Make your own jib crane using the same quality hinge fittings that are high-grade ductile iron castings, machined and equipped with roller bearings for ease of rotation, grease fittings, and steel axles with cotter pins.  Do your own assembly, and buy your I-beam and tie rods locally. Handle loads of 1 thru 5 tons.

Jib crane fitting kit consists of upper and lower hinges and boom-end tie rod connector.  Specify capacity and span.

Complete instructions are contained within the kit.

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