Jib Cranes and Fitting Kits

Floor and Wall Mounted Jib Cranes and Accessories For Sale | Wallace Cranes

A jib crane is an overhead lifting device with a horizontal jib or boom and moveable hoist that is fixed to a wall or floor-mounted pillar. The jib can swing 180 to 360 degrees, depending on the option chosen.

Wallace manufactures and sells four different, high-quality, made in the USA, options:

  • Floor Mounted Jib Cranes have the greatest (360-degree) rotation. We have 35 different models in 1/2 to 5-ton capacity.
  • Wall Mounted Tie Rod Jib Cranes are the most economical solution and offer 180-degree rotation. We have 16 different models, 1/2 to 3-ton capacity.
  • Wall Bracket Cantilever Jib Cranes need less headroom for mounting and more headroom for hoist lifting. We have 20 different models with 180+ degree rotation in 1/4 to 3-ton capacities.

We also offer do-it-yourself fitting kits for those who want to make their own jib crane using our high-quality components. Do your own assembly, and buy your I-beam and tie rods locally. Handle loads of 1 thru 5 tons.

Contact us if you need assistance or would like to request a quote. We have experts on hand to answer all your questions.

Most orders ship in 3 to 5 days.