Wallace Tri-Adjustable Steel 10-Ton Portable Gantry Crane, 10′ Span, 9′ 9″ – 15′ 1″ Height (Model 10T15-S10)

Model 10T15-S10

Tri-Adjustable Steel 10-Ton Gantry Crane
10′ Span, 9′ 9″ – 15′ 1″ Height

Steel Construction
✓ Adjustable Height (C), Span(B), and Caster Frame Spread (E)
✓ 10 Ton (20,000 pound) capacity (A)
✓ 5′ 4″ Clear Span (D)
✓ 8′ 11″ – 6′ 5″ Caster Frame Spread (E)
✓ 17″ Leg Clearance (F)
✓ 10″ Caster Diameter (G)
✓ 18″ I-Beam Depth (H)
✓ 2323 Pounds Net Weight

Designed and manufactured in the United States.
Completely portable.
Easy to assemble, disassemble, transport, and store.
Durable and strong.
Designed to roll under load.

Most orders ship in 3 to 5 days.

Product Details

Model 10T15-S10

Key Features

Durable, Stable, Adjustable, and Portable

This Tri-Adjustable 10-ton gantry crane is incredibly strong and durable. Its industrial-grade A-frame is made with high-quality heavy-gauge steel tubing and designed to roll under load. Completely portable, it comes with adjustable heights (C), spans (B), and caster frame spreads (E).

  • The Tri-Adjustable is built using our patented pinned-joint design resulting in a longer-lasting, better-fitting, more flexible crane that is quick and easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Exclusive Wallace I-beam support system aligns off-center loads to avoid crane and trolley distortion. Support system slides along the I-beam enabling leg spacing adjustments and cantilever configurations.
  • Casters are equipped with a 4-position swivel lock. When locked 90 degrees with each other, they position the crane more firmly than a brake.
  • Adjustable legs permit crane height adjustments in 6″ increments using spring-loaded bolts. You can raise the height of your crane so it goes over materials and equipment, lower it under low ceilings and doorways, or set legs at different heights when floors or terrains are uneven. It’s ideal for truck loading or from a dock to a floor or ground level to a mezzanine.
  • Adjustable span allows for inboard or outboard bracing and a cantilever configuration overhang of up to 25% of the I-beam length.
  • Adjustable caster frame spread (E) enables rolling through narrow aisles or doorways and prevents having to disassemble and reassemble your crane. Safety cables inside the caster frame tubes prevent overspreading while adjustments are underway. Casters are equipped with 4-position swivel locks to position the crane more firmly than a brake.
  • Tri-adjustables are quick and easy to assemble and disassemble. They can be wheeled around to serve more than one workstation or workplace. Locking “lead” casters and unlocking trailing casters make it easy to move and steer. An optional Kart Kit transforms your disassembled gantry crane into a cart, allowing easy transportation and storage.

Model 10T15-S10

Dimensional Drawing

Tri-Adjustable Steel 10-Ton Gantry Crane 10' Span 9'9"-15'1" Ht (10T15-S10) Dimensional Drawing | Wallace Crane

Print / download 10T15-S10 dimensional drawing (PDF).

View I-Beam Flange Width Chart for Wallace Gantries.

Model 10T15-S10

Parts List

1 SUPPORT PIN 1 DIA. X 8 1/4 LG. 5413-0000 4
3 HEX. NUT 3/8-24NF 54-0100 8
4 SOC. SET SCREW 3/8-24NF X 1 3/4 LG. 63-0110 8
5 SUPPORT PIN 3/4 DIA. X 6 1/4 LG. 5129-0001 4
6 SPACER BAR 18 13/16 LG. 5307-1881 2
8 I-BEAM STL. 18″ X 10′ LG. 769-0100 1
9 CAUTION TAG NO. 399 1969-RING 12
10 KEY RING 2 1/4 DIA. 82-0030 16
11 LOCK WASHER INT. TOOTH 3/4 58-0040 4
12 HEX. NUT 3/4-10NC 54-0040 4
13 TROLLEY STOP ANGLE 5132-0000 4
14 HEX. HD. BOLT 3/4-10NC X 2 1/2 LG. 51-0480 4
15 BRACE LEG 5135-0003 4
16 MAIN LEG ASSEMBLY 5106-0101 4
17 UPPER MAIN LEG 5155-0003 4
18 ROLL PIN 5/32 X 3/4 LG. 61-0300 4
19 LOAD PIN CASTING 5111-0000 4
20 EXTENSION SPRING 5117-0000 8
21 LOWER MAIN LEG 5157-0003 4
24 SAFETY CABLE ASS’Y 100″ LG. 5028-0003 2
28 HEX. HD. BOLT 1/2-13NC X 3 1/2 LG. 51-0460 2
29 CASTER PLATE 5161-0000 4
30 LOWER MAIN LEG PIN 1 DIA. X 6 7/16 LG. 5018-0000 4
31 HEX H.D. BOLT 1/2-13NC X 5 LG. 51-0110 6
32 HEX H.D. BOLT 1/2-13NC X 1 3/4 LG. 51-0300 32
33 CASTER WHEEL 10″ DIA. 47-0250 8
34 LOCK WASHER INT. TOOTH 1/2 58-0020 40
35 HEX. NUT 1/2-13NC 54-0050 40
36 COTTER PIN 1/4 X 2 LG. 60-0040 4

Note: There are alternate v-groove casters available for this crane.

Print / download a copy of the 10T15-S10 parts list  (PDF).

Model 10T15-S10

Parts Location Diagrams

Square-Tube Tri-Adjustable I-Beam Assembly Parts Location Diagram | Wallace Cranes

Square-Tube Tri-Adjustable I-Beam Assembly Parts Location Diagram

Square-Tube Tri-Adjustable Caster Frame Assembly Parts Location Diagram | Wallace Cranes

Square-Tube Tri-Adjustable Caster Frame Assembly Parts Location

Print / download a copy of both parts location diagrams (PDF).

Model 10T15-S10

Optional Accessories

Optional Kart Kit for Tri-Adjustable Cranes | www.wallacecranes.com

Kart Kit for Tri-Adjustable Gantry Cranes

Available accessories include manual and electric trolleys and hoists, jack kits for frequent crane height adjustments, kart kits for transforming your disassembled crane into a cart which allows for easy transport and storage, and festooning kits to keep hoist, trolley, and power drive system cords up and out of the way.

Options for track mounting with V-groove casters and motorizing cranes are also available.

Model 10T15-S10

Assembly and Disassembly Instructions


  1. Read and understand instructions before using this gantry.
  2. Inspect gantry thoroughly before using. See the Tri-Adjustable Operating, Adjustment, and Inspection Instructions (Form 379) for damaged or missing parts.
  3. Do not lift more than rated capacity.
  4. Center hoist over the load.
  5. Do not allow the load to swing or roll against any supporting members.
  6. When moving the gantry under load, push on the gantry, not the load. Be certain that the rolling surface is hard, level, clean, and smooth.
  7. Do not move the gantry over 50 feet per minute (1/2 m.p.h.).
  8. Not to be used for lifting or supporting humans.

Before You Begin

  1. Place parts on a flat surface, preferably on cardboard to keep small parts clean and organized.
  2. Select a clear area to assemble the crane. The work envelope should extend five feet beyond twice the leg length (when flat) and the length of the I-beam.
  3. This clear area should be serviced by two overhead hoists or an alternate as shown below as well as in Form 379. This will allow you to raise the I-beam and leg assemblies when required.
    Ways To Support Assembly of Gantry Crane | Wallace Cranes

  4. Select tools for fastening the nuts and bolts.
  5. You will also need C-clamps to hold the trolley in place while the crane is assembled.

Print / download a PDF of detailed, step-by-step Tri-Adjustable Gantry Crane Square-Tube Assembly Instructions (Form 411).

Model 10T15-S10

Safety Tag and Label Locations

Safety Tag Location

The following sketch shows the location of required safety tags on Wallace 8 and 10-ton steel Tri-Adjustable Gantry Cranes. All locking pins or pins with a quick release must have a corresponding Tag 1969.

Wallace Tri-Adjustable Steel 10-Ton Gantry Crane, 10′ Span, 9′ 9″ – 15′ 1″ Height (Model 10T15-S10) Safety Tag and Label Locations

Print / download a PDF of the Tri-Adjustable 8 and 10-ton square-tube safety tag and label locations diagram and caution label content.

Model 10T15-S10

Inspection Checklist (Form 504)

Instructions include:

  • What to check for.
  • How often to check.
  • Frequent Inspection Checklist.
  • Periodic Inspection Checklist.

View detailed Gantry Crane Inspection Checklist (Form 504).

Print / download a PDF copy of the checklist.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us.


Please note this checklist was derived from company proprietary materials and (3) source documents including ANSI B30.17CMAA Specification #74 Revised 1987, and OSHA 1910.179. As excerpts, the short form Wallace documents are intended to serve as general guidelines and are not to be considered the sole source when performing routine maintenance and inspection tasks.

Model 10T15-S10

Operating, Adjustment, and Inspection Instructions (Form 379)

Instructions include:

  • Assembly and Safety Instructions
    • Daily inspection
    • Positioning of Crane to Handle Loads
    • Positioning of Casters
  • Adjustment Instructions
    • Height Adjustment Procedure
    • Caster Frame Adjustment Procedure
    • Cantilever Configuration / Adjustment
  • Wallace Built-In Safety Features
  • Caution Areas
  • Tri-Adjustable Visual Checkpoints
  • General Safety Instructions for Crane Adjustments
  • Methods of Supporting the Crane for Assembly

View detailed Tri-Adjustable Operating, Adjustment, and Inspection Instructions (Form 379).

Print / download a PDF copy of the instructions.

Model 10T15-S10

Cantilever Instructions

Cantliver Instructions for Wallace Tri-Adjustable Steel 10-Ton Gantry Crane, 10′ Span, 9′ 9″ – 15′ 1″ Height (Model 10T15-S10)

Cantilever Chart

Gantry Model Number: 10T15-S10
I-Beam: S18″ x 54.7#/’ x 10′
I-Beam Length (Overall Span): 120 Inches
Maximum Cantilever Distance (A): 30 Inches
Gantry Rated Capacity: 20000 lbs.
Maximum Cantilevered Load (B): 12000 lbs.
Gantry Weight: 2303 lbs.
I-Beam Weight: 547 lbs.

Proper Cantilever Procedures

Required counterweight should not be supported by gantry caster frame.

Load and trolley should be able to freely traverse the I-beam through the main legs and brace legs of the gantry.

Required Counterweight at (C)
1 0 0 0 212 545 878 1212 1545
2 0 416 1166 1916 2666 3416 4166 4916
2.5 0 939 1939 2939 3939 4939 5939 6939

Print / download a PDF copy of these 10T15-S10 cantilever instructions.

Model 10T15-S10

Warranty and Disclaimer

Wallace product warranty and errors and omissions disclaimers can be found below.

They are also in the About section of this website.

Model 10T15-S10

Engineering Specification

Gantry end frames shall be of steel square tube construction manufactured to Wallace Cranes standards including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Gantry shall be adjustable in height and have main leg ductile iron center castings for brace leg attachment to main support legs.
  • Gantry shall be adjustable in span so that operators may adjust the crane to an inboard braced, outboard braced, or a combination of the two or approved cantilevered configuration.
  • Gantry shall be adjustable in caster frame spread and have ductile iron castings for attachment of casters.
  • The steel I-beam shall be American Standard and have a design deflection of no greater than l/800th of the span. The I-beam shall also be free-swinging and self-aligning to lift off-center loads as approved.
  • The telescoping legs shall be adjustable in 6” increments and also be equipped with steel safety stop pins for everyday use as well as when adjusting height.
  • Spread adjustment on the caster frames shall be in 6” increments. Over spreading of the caster frame adjustment shall be prevented by means of an internal steel safety cable.
  • The main leg ductile iron center castings shall have spring-loaded load-bearing adjusting pins for adjusting/maintaining height adjustment of crane as well as attachment of brace legs.
  • Gantry shall be equipped with eight, 360 degree rotating, polyurethane casters with 4-position swivel locks, at 90 degrees, to provide easy steering of crane by locking “lead” casters only, or to allow positioning of crane more firmly than a brake by locking all eight casters 90 degrees to each other. Casters shall be 10” diameter.
  • The I-beam and I-beam brackets shall be painted with red gloss industrial quality paint.
  • The frames, including brace legs, caster frames, and main legs shall be dip painted with red gloss industrial quality paint for protection of both inner and outer tubing walls.
  • The model number to be provided shall be tested in accordance with Wallace specifications (A specific unit shipped is not tested; unless a Certificate of Test is ordered [additional charge applies]).
  • Gantry is manufactured in accordance with our interpretation of ANSI B30.17 and U.S. OSHA, (Section 1910.179, revised January 1976), regulations at the time of manufacture.

Print / download a PDF version of the specification.

Model 10T15-S10

Photo Gallery

Wallace Tri-Adjustable gantry cranes have a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications, both indoors and out. Images (below) provide a sampling of different applications of our steel (red) and aluminum (silver) Tri-Adjustable gantry cranes.

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