Power Drive Kits for Crane Electrification

Wallace Cranes offers a wide range of options for power drive units to fit our gantry cranes. A power drive is an optional kit to motorize a crane to move with the push of a button. You can choose from 230 or 460V three-phase. Additionally you can get a powered hoist which can be operated from the same pendant.

Shown below is a power drive unit being used in our own shop. It is lifting a 24″ I-beam.

powerdriveClick to enlarge

The Wallace proprietary design allows users to customize the crane track width to exact specifications.

Power Drive Motor Specifications and Options

Kit Number Voltage 3ph-60hz Motor H.P. Specifications Travel Speed (FPM) Wheel Dia. (inches) Weight
5095 230 or 460V 0.5 For Tri-Adjustable and Thrifty Models with 6 inch dia. casters 50 or 38 8 350
5096 230 or 460V 0.5 For round tube construction Tri-Adjustable and Thrifty Models with 8 inch dia. casters 50 or 38 8 350
5075 230 or 460V 0.5 For square tube construction 3 & 5 Ton Tri-Adjustable Models 50 or 38 8 400
5175 230 or 460V 1 For 8 and 10 Ton Tri-Adjustable Models 50 10 630
5200 230 or 460V 1 For 7.5 Ton Thrifty Models 50 10 560
5550 230 or 460V 1.5 For 15 Ton Models 50 or 38 12 1230

Other voltages are available upon request. Power drive units can be 50 or 60 Hz.

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