Kart Kits For Easy Gantry Crane Transport and Storage

Optional Kart Kits transform your disassembled crane into a cart making it much easier to move and store. Also known as a crane cart or crane trolley.

Optional Kart Kits make cranes much easier to move and store | Wallace Crane Model 3036

Model 3036

Lighter Duty Kart Kits (model 3036 shown on the left) makes use of the standard Tri-Adjustable caster frame and casters. This unit has single casters. Ideal if you are looking for complete portability. The kit consists of two lightweight rectangular tube bridge members (only). Bridge members attach to the caster frames of your crane resulting in a handy platform truck that enables you to transport and/or store the remaining parts on it. These are sized to roll a full-sized crane through a normal doorway.

Available for Tri-Adjustable Cranes Only

Heavy duty Kart Kit (model 5148 shown on the right) makes use of the standard Tri-Adjustable caster frame and casters. Lower capacity units will have single casters. Kart Kits let you easily move disassembled cranes through small doorways.
Optional Kart Kits make it easy to move and store gantry cranes | Wallace Crane Model 5148

Model 5148

Kart Kits for Tri-Adjustable Cranes

For 1-3 Ton Capacities
Kit Number 3036 1-3 Ton Models with Round Tube Design
For 3 & 5 Ton Capacities
Kit Number 5050 3 & 5 Ton Models with Square Tube Design
For 8 & 10 Ton Capacities
Kit Number 5148 8 & 10 Ton Models with Square Tube Design

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