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Festooning Kit For Cranes

Our crane festooning kits are ideal for keeping hoist, trolley and power drive system cords up, out of the way, organized, and safe.

Kits are available for all Wallace Gantry Crane models.

Each kit includes:

  • 2 Sets of I-beam brackets with mounting hardware
  • 1 Tension wire – looped at one end
  • 2 Cable grips for securing second end of cable
  • 1 Cable trolley per 5’0″ of I-beam length

There are different kits depending on the depth of your i-beam. We have kits available in 6″ to 24″ depths. Please see below.

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Part NumberUsed on Cranes with:
 3550-0008 6″ or 8″ I-Beam Depth
 3550-0012 10″ or 12″ I-Beam Depth
 3550-0018 15″ or 18″ I-Beam Depth
 3550-0024 20″ or 24″ I-Beam Depth