Custom Gantry Cranes

Sometimes a situation arises where a standard crane just won’t do the job.

Customization Options

Wallace has a long history of customizing our portable gantry cranes to meet special needs. The possibilities are endless:

    • Beam Lengths 
      • I-beams can be cut to a shorter length
      • longer spans are available for some tri-adjustable cranes but may incur an additional charge based on your specific requirements.
    • Crane Heights
      • Thrifty cranes can be cut to a shorter height
      • some Tri-Adjustable cranes are available up to 26’0” maximum overall height by special order

Optional Accessories

Wallace also offers optional accessories to help ease crane transportation.

    • V-groove casters are available for all cranes up to 10 ton capacity for use on inverted angle track (standard on our 15-ton cranes)
    • polyurethane casters (standard on our steel 7-1/2 ton Thrifty cranes and 8 and 10-ton tri-adjustable cranes) are available for all of our other standard cranes up to 5-ton capacity
    • single 10” or 12” diameter pneumatic casters (up to ½ ton capacity crane only)
    • dual 12” diameter pneumatic casters (for aluminum cranes only up to 1-ton capacity and 18’5” maximum overall height)
    • caster brakes are available for all our gantry cranes

Lead Time

Note that gantry crane customizations, brakes on casters, and optional caters typically increase lead time.

Request a Quote

When requesting a quote for a custom gantry crane, please make a note in the “Any Obstructions or Special Requirements” field (Q2) and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Please feel free to contact us (610-647-1400) if you need assistance. We have experts on hand to answer all your questions.

Custom Gantry Cranes | Wallace Cranes

General Fusion’s prototype compression system uses custom Wallace cranes. Image courtesy of the WSJ – Fusion Startups Step in to Realize Decades-Old Clean Power Dream.