Manual Wheeled (Push) Trolley Hoists

CM Heavy Duty Low Headroom Wheeled (Push) Trolley Hoists
Features Include: Standard Load Limiter – Made in U.S.A.
Capacity in Tons Lift in Feet I-Beam Depth Range Headroom Push Trolley Weight Geared Trolley Weight Model Number
10′ 6″ – 12″ 9.25″ 96 CMCL*021008W
10′ 8″ – 15″ 12.5″ 190 220 CMCL*041008W
3 10′ 8″ – 15″ 14.13″ 210 240 CMCL*061008W
5 10′ 8″ – 24″ 18.25″ 328 357 CMCL*101008W
Example Low Headroom CM Trolley Hoist | Wallace Cranes

Low Headroom
CM Wheeled (Push) Trolley Hoist

*To complete model number when ordering, insert “P” for push trolley; “G” for geared trolley in place of “*” in model number.

Standard hand chain drop 2 ft. less than lift

NOTE: BEAM SIZE MUST BE SPECIFIED WHEN ORDERING. Please view our Gantry Standard Shape I-Beam Flange Width Chart for more information.

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