Tripod Crane Base Plate and Pad Accessories – Mud, Rubber and Spike

Tripod base plate accessories for tripod cranes. Mud, rubber and spike base plates provide additional leg support and stability on a variety of surfaces.

Mud Base Plate Tripod Accessory | Wallace Cranes

Kit #1097

Mud Base Plate (Kit #1097) includes (3) 12″ square stell plates to provide additional leg support on all surfaces. Plates may be used with either the Rubber Base Pad Kit or the Spit Base Kit.
Rubber Base Pad Tripod Accessory | Wallace Cranes

Kit #675

Rubber Base Pad (Kit #675) includes (3) 5″ x 3″ cast iron bases with rubber pads to protect and provide additional stability on all hard floor surfaces.
Spike Base Tripod Accessory | Wallace Cranes

Kit #676

Spike Base (Kit #676) includes (3) spikes and is designed for use in hard earth surfaces. Spikes may be used with the Mud Base Plate Kit.

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