Jib, Tripod, and Gantry Crane Accessories

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Gantry Crane Accessories

Jack Kits Available for Tri-Adjustable Models only

Kart Kits Available for Tri-Adjustable Models only

Cable Ratchet Kits Available for Thrifty (Adjustable Height) Models only

Adjust-A-Span Kits Available for Thrifty Models only

Jib Crane Accessories

Fitting kits for “Do-It-Yourself” crane fabrication.

V-Grooved Casters, Track & Electric Power Drive

Power Drive Kits are designed to run on inverted angle-iron track

Tripod Base Accessory Options

Kit #1097 Mud Base Plate

Includes (3) 12″ square steel plates to provide additional leg support on all surfaces. Plates may be used with either the Rubber Base Pad Kit or the Spike Base Kit

Kit #675 Rubber Base Pad

Includes (3) 5″ x 3″ cast iron bases with rubber pads to protect and provide additional stability on all hard floor surfaces

Kit #676 Spike Base

Includes (3) spikes and is designed for use in hard earth surfaces. Spikes may be used with the Mud Base Plate Kit

Jib, Tripod, and Gantry Crane Accessories – Base Plates | Wallace Cranes
Mud Base Plate Rubber Base Pad Spike Base

Hoists, Trolleys, Cord Reels, and Pivot Bases


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