Jib, Tripod, and Gantry Crane Accessories

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Jib, Tripod and Gantry Crane Accessories | Wallace Cranes

Gantry Crane Accessories

Jack Kit

Kart Kit

Festooning Kit

Cable Ratchet Kit

Product Description • Height Adjustment Kit

• Handy for Frequent Adjustments

• Tri-Adjustable Cranes Only

• Transforms Disassembled Cranes Into Carts Making Them Easier to Move and Store

• Tri-Adjustable Cranes Only

• Keep Hoist, Trolley and Power Drive System Cords Up and Out of the Way

• Available for All Cranes

• Speeds Up Height Adjustments on Unloaded Cranes

• Thrifty (Adjustable Height) Models Only

View Accessory Jack Kit Kart Kit Festooning Kit Cable Ratchet Kit

Adjust-a-Span Kit

V-Grooved Casters & Track

Power Drive Kit

Product Description • Allows for Easy Crane Width Adjustments Without Having to Drill Into I-Beam

• Thrifty Cranes Only

• Allows Cranes to Move on a Track

• Not Available for Mighty-Mite

• Motorizes Crane to Move With the Push of a Button

• Not Available for Mighty-Mite or Hippolift

View Accessory Adjust-a-span Kit V-Grooved Casters & Track Power Drive Kit

Tripod Crane Accessories

Mud Base Plate

Rubber Base Pad

Spike Base

Mud Base Plate Tripod Accessory | Wallace Cranes Rubber Base Pad Tripod Accessory | Wallace Cranes