Wallace Cranes Application Stories

Going Green? Go For Wallace
Roll Your Own? Can You Really Afford It?

Absolute Reliability, Absolutely Perfect Fit
Need Just One Crane? Really?
Rock, Paper, Scissors?
Really Small, Really Custom?
Need a Smaller Heavyweight?
Heavy, Messy, Wet?
Looking for a Safe and Reliable Investment?
Is Your Business Picking Up?
Rearranging Your Plant as Child's Play?
Mixing Air and Water?
We Use Our Own To Make Our Own
How Do You Move the Motor That Moves Your World?
5 -Axis, 4-Axis, 2 1/2D? How Current is Your Technology?

Caught a Little Short?
Oil? Gas? Water? Coal? Nuclear? Electricity? Any or All Need Maintenance?
Blocked by High Oil Prices?
Infrastructure Washed Away?

Gearing up for Repairs?
R U Edu?

No Toy Cranes?
Want to Save $1,000,000 a Day?
Some Assembly Required?

Think Under the Crane?
High Tech Heaving Lifting?